At All American Karate we teach an eclectic American Karate style in an attempt to help students become proficient in all areas of self-defense. We believe martial arts can help to improve all aspects of life so we work hard to continue our own education. By continuing to excel and advance in both self-defense and teaching practices so we can be the best instructors possible for our students.

The benefits of class participation at All American Karate are numerous. Specifically, we know you will love the new physical abilities you will gain. We consistently run drills to improve reflexes and coordination. Our structured and exciting workouts will increase your muscular and cardiovascular performance, which is essential for enjoying all of life's physical activities. You can prevent injury by creating a fit, flexible, and healthy body here at the school. With consistent class attendance you will notice increased strength, stamina, and higher levels of energy leaving you feeling great throughout the day. You will also achieve a better ability to control your weight with our fat burning and muscle building workouts!

In addition to life changing physical benefits, All American Karate imparts significant mental benefits on students. The schedule and pace of daily life can be hectic, but we can show you how to achieve improved concentration for better study and work habits, relaxation, and stress reduction. You can also earn increased self-confidence and peace of mind knowing you are capable of protecting yourself and your family. Become the leader of your own life!

Knowledge of self-defense does more than just improve self-confidence: it can save your life! You will learn about different “levels” of self-defense, how to judge when self-defense is needed, and appropriate responses to attacks. Train with All American Karate to increase awareness, learn practical techniques to defend you or your loved ones from commonly used attacks, and learn the “do's and don'ts” of self-defense. After building a foundation for self-defense against standard attacks, advanced level classes will teach you how to defend against weapons and how to protect yourself while standing or on the ground, leaving you ready for all scenarios.
Meet John Roberts
Owner at All American Karate in Lambertville, MI
5th Degree Black Belt

As the owner of All American Karate, located in Lambertville, Michigan, John Roberts strives to help students become the best martial artist they can be. Training under the American Martial Arts Association, he holds a rank of 5th Degree black belt, and continues to work hard towards the next promotion, because he understands the importance of leading by example for his students. Mr. Roberts has committed himself to being a full time martial arts instructor, and helping others achieve their goals to black belt and beyond!

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